i need to praise others' art lol

MAIN IS FARRAIGEART. this is simply to reblog and enjoy other people's content bc y'all are talented.

main blog (i do art)

I love Eris but she's hard to draw orz

lil' ref i whipped up for artfight, still thinking of a backstory for this guy

vii -

barebones refsheet of my tonberry fursona, lamplight!

she's 3 feet tall and afraid of the dark. she can also see in the dark tho, so the lantern is still only there so you can see her.

fallow -

aww this is really cute!! i like the little ruffly part of the robe around the shoulders.

also whats tonberry, is that a species?

sunpop -


this ocs name is mandevilla but his nickname is rocktrumpet :)

added horns n wings to my fursona (plus updated their markings a bit) bc that's how i've been feelin

still need to make a better reference of the new design for artfight but i don't have the motivation rn

also this is the first time ive ever drawn them feral so i'm p proud of how it turned out ^^

also i made this "mary-sue rainbow gradient" version of them as a joke, but ended up kinda liking it so uhhh,, maybe this is how they fluoresce under a blacklight??

a set of flower portaits i did for my and my friends characters. took me the whole weekend to finish these

Birdmen: Sayuri

Sayuri ll 15 ll Female ll Japanese
Base abilities: Flight, Wing Mass Manipulation - Armor, Proliferation, Forced Transformation, Enhanced Recovery, Linking, Silent Wing
First ability: Black Armor

Sayuri is an exchange student studying in New Zealand for her High school and Uni years, and is living with Mikaere and his mum for the duration of her time.
One day while Sayuri and Mikaere are walking home, a car veers around the corner and hit's them. A mysterious figure comes to their aid and offers them another chance at life. They both accept and are transformed into Birdmen.

Deviantart ll Furaffinity

x3 -

hhhghghfwgff sorta.. human-y ver ov th feral logo

I don't think I ever officially posted this on here? Or at least not since I deleted my original blog.

Anyway, dragons!

02 -

New horns and eyes. Lookin more dragon-y and I like it.

oh, crow, what have you done?

As promised, one digital skitters. And now ya'll know that the inside of his mouth is white.

Bonus on a dark background: